ООО «Develey» is a manufacturing complex and a logistics hub as well on the area about 72.000,00 m² using the high-technology equipment latest arts. The business division in Russia is a business unit within the group of companies, including meantime 18 plants in 10 countries.

The company Develey is a family-run business in the fourth degree, being one of the large-scale global producers of mustered, sauces, dressings and pickled vegetables.

Traditions combined with innovation and use of emerging technology, product development and marketing, branding, supreme standard of quality management system provide us an opportunity to be one of the leaders of this fraction of market in Russia and worldwide.

Our consumership is on the top of company’s strategy. The consumer relations are based on mutual trust earned over a number of years due to high quality standards of manufactured production.

Environmental friendliness and Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production are priority activities in day-to-day operations of the company.