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Mustard rightfully took honorably place on the tables of many families in all over the world. It gives to any dish a sharp savory taste, makes increased secretion of gastric juice and saliva, helps in fat splitting and thus improves digestion. Mustard is used in various dishes. Its hotness depends on one’s kind and sort.

Any country of the world use it in its own way. In Russia, for example, we use it with fried sausages, and snacks.

Develey has big mustard variety. There are «Sweet Bavarian», «Russian» «French» «With seeds» served in 170g glass jars.

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Bavarian mustard TM Develey

Bavarian mustard is an extraordinary taste of spicy-sweet mustard. It has an igniting intense flavor, which gives an amazing combination with meat and sausage related products.

Russian mustard TM Develey

Russian mustard burns so pleasantly, and its smell is so strong that it tickles your nose from inside. Perfect for a variety of dishes and will be able to win the heart of any gourmet.

Dijon mustard TM Reine de Dijon

Dijon mustard is known and loved in all over the world for its unique taste. This spicy and sour seasoning is used to improve the taste of many dishes. Without any doubt, it is suitable for steak and grilled meat.

Mustard «Rotisier» TM Reine de Dijon

Grainy mustard is also known by many people as «Rootsier» is a coarse-ground hot mustard. Most of the mustard seeds remain intact, so when heated, they give the dish an incredible taste. That's why usually it serve with hot dishes.