“Spicy” mustard, “Gourmet with garlic” mustard, mustard “With flavoring herbs”.

Gourmet with garlic
With flavoring herbs

Mustard is one of the basic European spices and additives. It is hard to imagine Russian and a majority of European cuisines without mustard. And that’s not surprising as mustard is not only tasty, it also contains large amounts of beneficial substances: group B vitamins, E vitamin, ferrum, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, etc. Volatile oils of mustard contain polyunsaturated fatty acids improving the metabolic process and slowing down body aging.

Mustard brings spicy taste to food, leading to increased gastric juice and saliva secretion, it eases fat splitting process so it improves digestion. It is added to salads and meals made of boiled eggs and meat. Fish, birds and meat are sometimes baked in mustard. It odorizes every meal and helps avoid drying during preparation process. Mustard loses its spicy taste when it is warmed so the finished meal has soft taste.

“Gerbert” mustard is a spicy product with a sweet bitter after taste and inclusion of kitchen herbs and spices. Such additives as fennel and garlic bring savor to mustard and uncover intense taste and flavor.


“Cesar” mayonnaise sauce by “Gerbert”

Cesar is not a post, this is the name of the person who introduced this sauce and salad. Cesar Cardini, Italian man with Mexican roots has never said which ingredients the real “Cesar” consists of. But we have managed to reveal his secret and discover a fantastic topping which brings an extraordinary taste to a salad.

The creamy-white sauce contains herbs, spices and cheese pieces.

“Cheese” mayonnaise sauce by “Gerbert”

It is hard to find a person who doesn’t like cheese: as there is such a large variety of cheeses, there is an option for everyone. A lot of dishes are prepared using cheese. Adding grated cheese one can make any dish even more tasty and appetizing. Probably the immense love of people to this milk product and a wish to add its taste to any dish are the reasons why cheese sauces appeared.

Cheese sauce may be added to almost all second courses including side and meat dishes: spaghetti, vegetable ragout, baked puddings, cutlets, collops, fried meat, fish, birds, etc.

“Garlic” mayonnaise sauce by “Gerbert”

Garlic sauce is the most popular additive used for preparation of different dishes around the world. It is served with meat, baked potato, stewed or fresh vegetables. It is so appetizing so it may even be spread over fresh bread or fried toasts.

The sauce has creamy consistency and offers a bright taste of garlic and herbs.

“Tartare” mayonnaise sauce by “Gerbert”

When it comes to fish dishes the “tartare” sauce perfectly complements their taste. It is also a good additive to marine products, vegetable and meat dishes.

“Tartare” sauce is a cold sauce which is produced using traditional recipes of French cuisine, containing cucumber pieces, herbs and spices.

“Mustard” sauce based on natural oils produced by “Gerbert”

Mustard sauce is an additive with a savor spicy taste, rich color and flavor. Mustard sauce is traditionally served with meat meals as it helps reveal the flavor of meat.

It also increases appetite and improves digestion. That is why this kind of sauce acts not only as a taste additive but also helps the digestion. Mustard sauce contains herbs pieces and mustard seeds.