The Company Develey is over a period of more than 170 years one of the most dynamically developing companies in the world, and we advise you to learn, how it managed to reserve unique traditional receipts of mustards and sauces till our times.

iogann develey

The picture captures the view of company’s founder Johann Conrad Develey. He was born 5 February 1822 in Lindau at Bodensee. He has spent his young years in the town of Augsburg and later 1844 he moved to the city of Munich.

In 1845 Johann Conrad Develey founds his first factory for production of middle hot mustard at the very heart of Munich.

The Company grows and goes forwards and in 1854 it produces a unique sweet mustard for its flavor profile, which up to now is produced according to the very same secret receipt.

In 1874 Johann Conrad Develey was given a title of «Supplier of Royal Bavarian Palace». Since then the mustard Develey, and then Mayo, ketchups, sauces vinegar, dressings, sirups and pickled vegetables of this trademark became popular all over the world. High quality products straddle all of the genuine Bavarian traditions and the most technology innovations. In 1970 the Company entered in cooperation with a famous chain of the McD restaurants which lasts until today.

In 2007 the Company Develey Senf & Feinkost GmbH comes to the Russian market. On the counters of the Russian supermarkets appear Bavarian mustard, unusual sauces and various dressings. And in 3 years, in 2010 the first factory Develey in Russia started his working – high technological, up-to-date, and powerful factory built in the Tshuvash Republik – in the town of Kanash. The choice of the place was not unintentional, through the town of Kanash pass railways and routs of federal importance and also here live the most industrious people.

The history of the company Develey is rich and various and we believe that many bright and important events are waiting for us!