Develey is the leading Bavarian mustard brand and market leader in portion pack dressings in Germany. Today a wide assortment of German specialties is available under the Develey brand: mustards, sauces, salad dressings, and pickles – just to name a few. The Develey’s history has been forming with its traditions, quality and corporate flexibility over 170 years. As a family-owned business in the 4th generation, there is a strong feeling for authenticity and connection to local roots. These values go hand in hand with the commitment to innovation and growth.

iogann develey

Develey was founded by Johann Conrad Develey in 1845 in the city center of Munich, Germany. Nine years later, after experimenting with different flavors and “traditional” mustards, he invented the Original Munich Sweet Mustard – the essential complement to Bavarian white sausages (Weiβwurst). Made from a of sharp dijon mustard, caramelized sugar, spirit vinegar and a secret spice mixture, this unique sweet mustard was awarded the Medal of Progress at the World Exhibition in Vienna and named purveyor to the court of King Ludwig II.

In 2007 Develey Senf & Feinkost GmbH comes to the Russian market. Bavarian mustard, unique sauces and various dressings appeared at the shelves of Russian markets. So, the first plant of the Develey’s Company was built in Kanash, Chuvash Republic in 2010 – high technological, up-to-date, and powerful plant in Russia.