irs kachestvo

Traditions in conjunction with innovations are the basis for constant high quality of all products of Develey Company. We strive to correspond with the most fastidious tastes of gourmands by offering the best of the possible. For 170 years such position as a quality of the produced product has been a main priority for us.

Do you know that before reaching your table the product and all of its component parts are subject of more than 40 analyses and 12 degustations?

For the production we use raw materials of the highest quality. Then the raw material will be processed with traditional methods but with usage of the newest technologies and developments. The finished product is subject of close control in the own laboratories of the company.

Our responsibility and quality assurance is confirmed with the international standards of IFS Food. We are certified every year in order to make sure that our factory, our facilities and production, raw material and produced products are at high level.