kach hist

- ham hock 1 piece.
- Dishon mustard 1 tablespoon
- mustard Russkaya 1 tablespoon
- rathe ripe tkemali sauce 2 tablespoons
- garlic 5 cloves
- olive oil 2 tablespoons
- laurel leaf 2 pcs.
- salt according to taste
- black pepper fresh-ground according to taste

Step 1
Wash ham hock well, polish skin, cut longitudinally and stone accurately. Season fatly with salt and pepper.

Step 2
Grind laurel leaf into granulate.

Step 3
Clen garlic and put through a press. Stir garlic, laurel leaf and olive oil in the bowl.

Step 4
Coat ham hock fatly with this mixture.

Step 5
Both types of product combine in the bowl, add tkemaly sauce. Stir well till homogeneousness.

Step 6
Grease meat on both sides with this marinade.

Step 7
Then roll ham hock as compact as possible. Bind it with foof fibre.

Step 8
Envelope ham hock in the foil and place it in refrigerator for about 8 — 12 hours. Put ham hock (in foil) into the heated bakeoven 110°С. Bake it within 30 minutes. Then switch oven on 220°С and roast 1,5 hours. Cool ready-to-serve ham hock and place it in refrigerator for several hours.

Step 9
That is delicious! You can serve it on rye tosts.