kach hist



salmon 1-1,2 кг
- sea salt large sizes 4 tablespoons
- sugar 2 tablespoons
- white pepper 1 teaspoon
- dry dill 50 g
- vodka 50 ml
- Dishon mustard 2 tablespoons
- sour creme 1 tablespoon
- olive oil 3 teaspoon
- honey 1 tablespoon
- white wine vinegar 1 teaspoon
- lemon zest 0,5-1 teaspoon

Step 1
Prepare fillet of salmon: cut out belly offal and remove all bones with pincer.

Step 2
Cover fillet with mix of salt, sugar and pepper. Worm into the fish, get rid of the overage. Then sprinkle a slice with dill and spray with vodka.

Step 3
Cut the fillet into two equal parts, lay one on another with jacket outside, envelope into the clean fine texture.

Step 4
Put the parcel with fish between two boards. Set press in the form of glass with water or bowl. Let this construction rest in refrigerator for a night.

Step 5
In the morning you can eat it with roasted bread, mustard sauce and curd cheese.