kach hist

For bakery dough:

• warm water – 0,3 glass
• milk – 0,25 glass
• dry yeast – 1 teaspoon
• olive oil – 1 tablespoon
• salt – 0,25 ч.л.
• flour – 1 glass

For foundation:

Step 1

Boil milk and cool it till the ambient temperature. Pour it into the large bowl, add warm water, salt and dry yeast. Put sieved flour into the bowl and mix. Add olive oil into the bowl with bakery dough. Knead dough thoroughly, cover with foil and put into the warm place for 40 minutes. If the dough is too low elastic add some olive oil.

Step 2
Press down the dough and put it onto the cooking surface powdered with flour. Knead dough thoroughly once more and with usage of rolling pin roll out a scone, the diameter of which should be way more than diameter of baking case. Put the scone queekly into the baking case.

Step 3
Now we prepare foundation for pizza.
  • For Margarita – thoroughly mix ketchup, oregano and olive oil and slice onto the scone, departing from the edge circa 1,5–2 sm. Put thickly grated cheese mozzarella onto the sauce.
  • For Hawaiian Pizza – Mix ketchup with curry sauce and olive oil. Prepared sauce lay even on the scone departing from the edge circa 1,5–2 sm. Put thickly grated cheese into the sauce, slices of ham and canned pineapple.
  • For Meat pizza – Put flannel cake onto the oiled baking pan, coat it with ketchup and powder with Italian herbs.
  • For Mushroom pizza – Mix ketchup with mayo sauce and dry oregano and apply a thin coat onto the scone.