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Do you suppose that sauces are just non-obligatory addition to the dishes? You are mistaken! Expertly cooked sauce can change even the simplest dish. They add to the usual dishes a special bright and interesting flavour.

The sauces are created by almost all cuisines over the world. They are destined not only to accentuate the flavor of one or another product, but also to make a setting of it, get right priorities.

From a standard ketchup till soya teriyaki, from barbeque till curry – sauces let us tour over the world, get acquainted with traditions of different countries, lift the curtain over a national character.

A good sauce is a precious frame for any dish. It is destined to make taste of these or another components more interesting, deep, expressive. Thanks to the rightly chosen sauce all the ingredients will play out in new shades of flavor!


We are sure that with help of sauce you can add to the usual dishes quite new, unusual and bright shades to even usual dishes. Sauces – it is a kind of magic, the results of which can be used by every person, who cost effectively would like to get just new flavor feelings, which sometimes surprise even experimentator himself.

Sauces in dips ТМ Develey

Sauces in dips ТМ DEVELEY differ by modern design, quality and usefulness — sauces are convenient for storage and usage. It is ideal addition to fries, nuggets, croutons, snacks and other light snack products! In our palette you will find the sauces – «Kislo-sladkiy/ Sweet-Sour», «Chesnochniy/Garlic», «Tar-Tar», «Syrniy» and «Ketchup».

Sauces ТМ Develey

Sauces ТМ DEVELEY in hand hose (tubing) package can expand and decorate any menu. The package takes up minimum space and is ideally suitable for usage in the professional kitchen! Wide range of application of the represented sauces lets carry out experiments in the kitchen. There is an assortment of sauces represented to your attention - «Syrniy», «Cesar», «Mayonesniy», «Dlya Gamburgerov», «Barbeque», «Gorchichniy», «Chesnochniy», «Curry», «Ketchup» and «Teriyaki».